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A bond beyond time. A story of courage, love, and magic.

Set in the 1800s on a Bahamian Out Island, a young woman is missing, a community is on edge, and it will all come down to the courage and determination of one young man. What happens to fear in the the face of magic? Sacrifice in the face of greed? The Old-Story Woman knows.

I was raised listening to stories of our shared Bahamian past. Tales full of magic and mischief, laughter and tragedy. Old-Story Woman is my homage to this tradition that runs the length and breadth of these islands we call 'home.'



Storypelago Films thanks the following sponsors and patrons for celebrating our heritage and culture through their generous support of this Bahamian folklore film.

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Cast & Crew

Old-Story Woman is on track to be entered in the international film festival circuit. Interested in becoming a part of this original production? We want to hear from you! Click on the images below for further details. For faster response, please be sure to use the terms "cast" or "crew" in the subject line when you send your information or inquiry:


Crew Positions

Deadline to apply: November 6th, 2017

Hair & Make-up Specialists; Costume Designer; Set Designer; Set Construction; SFX Make-up/Prosthetic Artists.


Review the Character Briefing here.

4 Leads; 5 Supporting; 11 Bit Parts; 8 Extras.

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Help Tell Our Stories

"Market on the wharf, Nassau, Bahamas, 1900" - William Henry Jackson

"Market on the wharf, Nassau, Bahamas, 1900" - William Henry Jackson


You can help bring our tale of folklore to life by supporting Old-Story Woman with your donation. We have created a participation level for just about everyone. (Secure online payment via PayPal.)

Donor Level Options

With your support, our production team can move this short film off the page and into the homes and hearts of viewers here and around the world.

As a thank you to our sponsors, each donor will receive a specially designed memento of the production along with our heartfelt gratitude. 

Individual/Family Patrons -- Sponsorship Levels

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Digital download: 5"x7" frameable art print bearing the Adinkra symbol for "wisdom, creativity, and the complexities of life." Certificate of Appreciation.

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Digital download: 5"x7" frameable art print bearing the Adinkra symbol for "bravery, leadership and courage." Autographed Cast poster. 

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Digital download: 5"x7" art print bearing the Adinkra symbol for "humility with strength." Autographed Cast poster.  Invitation to advance screening.


Digital download: 5"x7" print complete set (each previous Adinkra symbol + the one above for "adaptability and cleverness"). Autographed Cast poster.  Invitation to official premiere.




on Location

Freeport, Grand Bahama

Filming will take place over the course of 5 days in December, 2017 on the island of Freeport, Grand Bahama.

"Gathering sisal, Nassau, Bahamas, 1900" - William Henry Jackson

"Gathering sisal, Nassau, Bahamas, 1900" - William Henry Jackson

Bahamians have a rich story-telling heritage, and my vision is for Storypelago Films to both create and preserve these tales through the language of film.
— marlena d. leonard